Family knows? Well, kinda…

So we decided to finally sort of tell our family. My mom has been suspicious on whether I was pregnant or not, but when I took a pregnancy test to prove it to her it was a false negative. So we decided to just tell our families that we think I’m pregnant. 

My mom is not happy, but she’s supportive, kinda. She did say that I would be a terrible mother, but I think it was her anger taking. It’s not like I could be a worse mother then she was/is. I think once she knows I’m pregnant for sure she’ll calm down and be happy. I’m really hoping she’s a better grandmother than she was a mom. I want my child to have involved grandparents, and just because she’ll probably be living in another state doesn’t mean she can’t be there. 

My dad, he’s SUPER excited. He can’t wait to find out for sure that I’m pregnant, and he’s hoping I have a girl. I was surprised he was expected, since he wasn’t that excited to be a dad. Maybe being a grandfather will be easier for him.though, since he’ll only have to visit, not care for the baby 24/7. He immediately looked happy when I told him, he’s not even worried about what J and I are gonna do. Then again, he’s not the most responsible person, though he says it’s just because he trust J and I to figure it out and he knows we have other family members to help us. Since he’s unable to, because he’s homeless and a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. 

My sister D, she is not happy. She keeps saying all these things about how J and I will be terrible parents because I’m autistic and J chose me. Which doesn’t make much sense, we can still be great parents, I mean we did meet when we were working in our high schools preschool. We’ve both taken child care classes and worked in the preschool for two years. Plus I’ve raised a baby for a while, though he doesn’t have much experience with that, I’m confident he’ll be an amazing dad. D is just a negative person who likes to hurt others, no one in my family really likes her, not even our mom. 

My sister A is excited, she’s only 12 but she wants to be an aunt very badly. She keeps telling me all the things she wants to do with my baby, like going to the park, playing with the baby toys. She also wants to show the baby her creepypasta when the baby gets older. I think she’ll be a great aunt, she’s a really good kid, and very responsible for her age. Though I wouldn’t leave the baby alone with her obviously. 

J’s mother, she’s worried. She’s hoping I’m not pregnant, that we should wait until we’re 25 or 27. A little late for that, but oh well. She said that if I am she does want to be involved, but only if we take the baby to visit her, because she’s to old to be driving to wherever we live to see the baby. I’m very glad she said that, even if she does scare me, I do want her involved in our childs life. I want all of the baby’s grandparents, except Js dad, involved. 

I don’t know about Js brother DA though, J hasn’t talked to him directly about it. Neither have I, I actually haven’t even seen him since we’ve started telling family. I think he’d be like his mom though, worried but wants to be involved if I am. Hopefully though, he’d come to our home to see the baby. Would make things a lot easier, since where we’ll most likely live would take us an hour to walk to where he lives and a taxi would be an unnecessary extra bill. 

We haven’t told extended family yet, but I have my first appointment on Friday, and my aunt is taking me. Once the appointment is over and I find out for “sure” I’m going to tell her and then probably post about it on Facebook so the rest of my family knows.  



I'm 19, engaged, have aspergers, and I'm​ trying to convince again. I lost my first to a miscarriage. this is my public anonymous diary of my life and journey through a miscarriage and trying to convince.

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